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Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating
    • Fiberglass with PU Coating

Basic Info

Certification: SGS

Surface Treatment: PU Coating

Fiberglass Type: E-Glass

Trademark: fengjie

Specification: 1500*1.22*0.04mm

Application: Wall/Roof Covering Cloth, Fiberglass Mesh Cloth

Weave Type: Plain Woven

Alkali Content: Alkali Free

Transport Package: Carton, Pallet

Origin: China

Product Description



Ideal behind brick, siding, EIFS, stucco, rain screen and other permanent cladding systems

Ideal sheathing for attached, adhered, and fluid applied air- and water-resistant barrier systems


Traditional paper coating is easy to get damp, airtight, easy mold, and poor flatness defects, after a certain period of time, the paper surface prone to yellow, deformation, fracture, fall off wait for a phenomenon, feel is very poor. New coating glass fiber mat, exempt the damp and mold. At the same time, the fire performance of glass fiber mat coating with high grade, the strength of the ideal and moistureproof property, was welcomed by the building industry manufacturers.

My company production of glass fiber mat surface coating level off, even, no crease, no holes, no stains, straight edge, no gap, neat package. With moisture resistance, can prevent mold growth, also has a higher level of fire prevention performance, the strength of the ideal performance. Professional coating used for polyurethane insulation board fluctuation two sides, endowed with insulation waterproof and aging resistance; Can make coating of phenolic foam board fluctuation two sides, to ensure the phenolic plate heat preservation effect and sound-absorbing noise reduction effect.

Bolixian_fu. JPG


Color: color, color, white cement

Width: 610 mm, 1220 mm

(other size according to user requirements production)

Product features:

Taken the fire non-combustible, waterproof is not bad

Taken the sound-absorbing noise reduction

Taken the size stability, anti-cracking, prevent skin

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