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Cement, glass fiber cloth

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Glass fiber cement bout points:

1. The green environmental protection: do not contain harmful fluoride, chloride atmosphere in line with the ISO14000 international environmental certification requirements, so in the installation and application does not produce any harmful pollutants.

2. Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation glass fiber cloth is high quality material, is the bane of cold insulation, heat insulation, prevent condensation, heat conduction coefficient is low and stable, on any medium heat isolation effect.

3. Good fireproof performance: glass fiber cloth conforms to the national standard GB8624 "building materials combustion performance analysis" to determine the test GB8624B1 level flame retardant materials.

4. Close your bubble structure: glass fiber cloth is closed bubble type structure, the water in the outside air is very difficult to penetrate the material, has excellent ability to resist water vapor permeability, cold insulation appearance don't need to add a steam insulation layer. Glass fiber cloth wet resistance factor of mu values greater than 3500 (ISO9346) constitute a built-in water proof layer, even if the product cut also does not affect the overall steam trap. Glass fiber cloth is insulation layer and moistureproof layer.

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