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Basic application of fiberglass mat tissue

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Any product will have certain requirements for its own application environment, and it needs the application in the most suitable environment, and the application effect will be better. For example, for a fiberglass gasket, it is necessary to apply it to the following environment, because the application environment is very suitable. Of course, there may be many people who have doubts about this material.

fiberglass mat tissue

Fiberglass mat tissue is a thin non-woven tissue made of randomly distributed fiberglass. It is ideal for improved surface treatment, excellent chemical resistance and weather ability. It is suitable for manual laying, die and filament winding process. It is 5cm wide organization is specially designed for pipe winding. It has a high strength to ensure that it is not broken during the production process.

Fiberglass mat tissue is also very common in our life. When building the roof, we can put a layer of fiberglass mat on it, so that it can play a waterproof role according to its characteristics. The application of this material in life has also been well developed.

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