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Gypsum board sheathing brings a sense of sight

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Gypsum board sheathing this material, people will think of its medical use, but his scope of use is indeed wide. Gypsum board may be better known as drywall. Drywall or plaster board are used exclusively for wall structures in homes and buildings. Although gypsum board have been used, most people know very little about this.

gypsum board sheathing

In the construction industry, you often find the same product, but there are several different names. The gypsum jacket is certainly no different. In addition to what it is called dry wall, it is also known as sheetrock. It can also be called a siding.

    This material is commonly used as an interior wall covering in the form of a dry wall. A gypsum jacket can also be used as an outer liner. The exterior is water resistant and attached to the exterior wall. It is not to be painted or used as an exterior wall, but as a basis for the exterior wall. Gypsum board sheathing usually plays a big role in the ceiling of the ceiling. The existence of the ceiling is to make the ceiling no longer single, making the overall home decoration more beautiful. The application of Gypsum board sheathing also gives people a visual sense of beauty.

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