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Why choose to use Fiberglass with PU Coating to make products

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For fiberglass with PU Coating, first of all, we may have a certain understanding of PU material. PU is chemically called "polyurethane", the abbreviation of English ploy urethane, PU leather is polyurethane synthetic leather, often used in clothing production, shoe making, all kinds of bags, often called "artificial leather" in daily life. Artificial leather.” The benefits of artificial leather are lower prices and a beautiful appearance. Now with the development of society and the advancement of engineering technology, PU skin has been made into various grades, and some artificial leather prices are no different from leather. PU coating cloth is made by coating high-strength glass fiber cloth with polyurethane solution, and PU has excellent wear resistance, cold resistance, gas permeability, aging resistance, good fire resistance, waterproof and antistatic properties.

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The application of fiberglass with PU Coating closest to our life is that it is used on the suitcase. The two most common suitcases on the market today are the hard material of the PC and the PU fabric. The advantage of using PU cloth on the trunk is that it does not absorb water, does not seep water, is not deformed, and has mildew resistance. Therefore, in the family use considerations, people are still more inclined to use PU material suitcase, not only practical, but also improve the grade of the entire use.

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