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Basic application of Plasterboard glass mats Face

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Plasterboard glass mats facer is a kind of glass pad fabric designed to replace the traditional paper panel, which is on many Plasterboards. Replacing the paper surface with a glass pad not only removed the potential food source of the mold, but also improved the impact resistance, refractory resistance and moisture resistance of the mold. These cardboard plates are ideal for use in high humidity areas such as bathrooms and basements and are installed in the same way as traditional Plasterboards. Glass mat products can be used for internal and external panels.

plasterboard glass mats facer

As the key material of building interior decoration, plasterboard is widely used in building partition system, wall lining, ceiling system and floor slab.

Different varieties of Plasterboards should be used in different parts. such as ordinary gypsum board suitable for no special requirements of the site, such as indoor ceiling, Plasterboard glass mats facerbecause of its plate core and face protection paper have been waterproof treatment, so suitable for high humidity wet places, such as bathroom room and so on.

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