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Changzhou Fengjie New Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional non-woven fabric with coating of polyurethane insulation board face layer, non-woven mortar coating, the coating blanket, exterior wall thermal insulation materials such as cement coating blanket. Company in recent years research and development of environmental protection, energy saving heat preservation, refractory and heat insulation wall material, pu heat preservation board face layer with coating non-woven fabrics and other new materials, the products in the research and development of the early to get a lot of user's vigorously support and the affirmation and use, to our country to promote the innovation of wall thermal insulation material has great practicability.


Because of the traditional polyurethane insulation board in the process of production need to adopt surface lining cloth or the grid cloth to prevent leakage of polyurethane, such as using cement mortar and the emulsion coating on the grid, cement increased thickness of grid cloth, weight also increases and increases the difficulty of construction, low efficiency, poor efficiency increased weight and polyurethane adhesive is easy to fall off, after leaving hidden trouble to safety in production and quality.


Independent research and development of the company according to the demand of the market for non-woven fabric coating material, non-woven polyester and glass fiber non-woven fabric as base cloth, through advanced technology and advanced water coating production line developed cover materials, replacing the traditional cement grid cloth. Polyester woven glass fiber non-woven, fiber through mechanical into net cloth evenly, high strength, light weight, than the general product environmentally clean energy saving section, was down more than three times the weight of the cement mortar grid cloth, have more affinity with polyurethane foam and PVC materials, high bond strength, leakage products roll shape, facilitate continuous production, can be used for foam material surface, heat insulation roofing materials Exterior wall decoration cover and other composite flame retardant materials waterproof materials, has good practical performance and dimensional stability, new wall insulation composite coating non-woven fabric by customers and users to use confirmed, various physical indicators performance stable seepage prevention performance reach the advanced level at home and abroad, flame retardant grade achieve b1 level, after the actual use of market achieved good praise.


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